Is there such a thing as a healthy ice cream?

Posted by Tintin Sealey


Can eating ice cream every day be healthy?

Ice cream equals indulgence. Eating ice cream often leads to feelings of guilt. Why? It is sweet and full of sugar and contains a lot of calories. So, naturally eating ice cream will tend to make some people put on weight. Eating it regularly may contribute to weight gain, in the long run. So for many health-conscious people, the dominant thought following a delightful dessert of ice cream is to go for a run or to hit the gym to burn off the extra calories.

Does this sound similar to doing penance for committing a sin? No wonder, ice creams have got a bad rap when it comes to health.

Why not just eat ice creams in moderation?

Now, that’s a very sensible way to enjoy your ice cream. Instead of gorging on a whole tub, why not just have a small scoop or two every day. In fact, there are some diet plans which allow you to eat ice creams every day and claim that you can still lose weight but the jury is out on that.

However, weight gain is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health concerns. Eating ice creams, even in moderation can lead to various health issues. Some commercially produced ice creams have been found to contain synthetic food additives, preservatives and synthetic flavours which may harm the immune system and detrimental to your health in the long run.

Ice cream is not for everyone.

One of the main ingredients in ice cream is milk. In fact, the most basic ice cream is nothing but the cream of milk condensed and frozen with some sugar or sweetener and flavour. Though Milk has long been a staple part of a balanced diet, many health and medical practitioners are now questioning its importance as a safe source of nutrition.

Milk as a contributor to allergies, lactose-intolerance and other sensitivities has made health and food experts look at it in a new light. Milk allergy is the most common form of food allergy. People who are affected by milk allergy, lactose-intolerance or sensitivity to milk may have to avoid not just milk but most forms of dairy products. So ice creams are not for everyone. Moreover, if you are a vegan, then you will also avoid ice cream.


What’s the alternative?

As awareness about allergies and sensitivities increase, more and more people are starting to become more discerning in their food choices. This led to experimentation to produce alternatives to ice cream that did not contain dairy. Among the non-dairy substitutes, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk and soy milk are the most popular choices.

However, since some people are allergic to soy and others are sensitive to gluten, coconut milk has clearly emerged as a safer alternative to dairy. Especially when making ice cream, the rich creamy taste of coconut milk has been known to be the more preferred choice in taste experiments. Coconut milk based ice creams are not only dairy-free but also gluten-free and thus suitable for those who were intolerant or allergic to milk products or gluten.

Are non-dairy ice creams only for vegans or people with allergies?

Since dairy based ice creams are universally considered the dessert of choice, any non-dairy alternative is often considered inferior in taste. This is a common prejudice faced by any food alternative that purports to be healthier than the conventional choice. So non-dairy ice creams are generally dismissed as taste-imitations and there was no way not to dispute this because most non-dairy ice creams are consumed by either vegans or those who cannot consume dairy or gluten. So a typical consumer of a non-dairy ice cream will not know the taste difference between what he or she is eating and a conventional dairy ice cream.

Australia’s coolest coconut milk ice cream brand.

This is exactly the gap that Cocofrio wished to bridge, according to the founders of Cocofrio, Tintin and Paul Sealey. “We love a healthy way of life, but we hate having to sacrifice enjoyment and flavour in our favourite treat,” said Paul. “That’s what led us to produce the recipe for a coconut milk based ice cream,” added Tintin. Cocofrio is not just an alternative ice cream but it is one that’s as tasty and good as conventional ice cream or perhaps, even better if the increasing demand for it is any indication. Made in Melbourne, Cocofrio is Australia’s all natural, dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream. It uses only organic ingredients that are carefully selected, sourced from different parts of the world and certified by the certification authority, Australian Certified Organic.

The question isn’t whether you can eat ice cream every day and be healthy but eating what kind of ice cream is healthy. Cocofrio is confident that it can compete with any conventional ice cream when it comes to taste and health benefits as well.

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