Your Sweet Deal on Ice-Cream!

Posted by Andi Lew


"Oh I'll just have a little bit of ice cream."

That's what you say when the dinner host asks if you want some ice-cream with or for dessert, right? Well I'm about to propose a way your can have a lot more than a little.

You certainly can't max out your caloric intake all on sweets in one sitting. All that sugar, we already know is not good for our waistlines. We also then start to measure the fats, and traditional ice-cream is just that! It's sugar, fat and let's not forget to mention the preservatives and artificial flavours that don't do our overall health any favours!

Well, let me present you a very sweet deal. Oh yes, puns are always intended! Cocofrio Ice-cream alternative has the texture of the traditional type you've grown to love, but doesn't have the same sugar content. Did you know that there are a myriad of other packaged 'healthy' products that claim to have no sugar, but unless you know what to look for, you're actually still consuming it!

There are in fact, 70 different types of sugars disguised as other words. Some of them to look out for are; dextrose, evaporated cane juice and agave. Now some of the sugars are actually better than the white, bleached processed stuff you know is highly addictive, but I also agree they're better. Let's go #nextlevel though. Let's say you want a sugar that's not only close to nature and less processed, but you also want a low GI sugar. Some natural sugar alternatives are high GI - glycemic index. This isn't good if you're a diabetic, have a weight or hormonal issue or you just like to consume other sugars throughout the day too.

When looking for a healthy low sugar icecream, it needs to be natural and without preservatives too, but the best types of low GI sugar sweeteners are things like coconut nectar and rice malt syrup. Cocofrio has a recipe that uses rice malt syrup, which means not only does it feel like icecream in your mouth, but it tastes just as good. In fact, it tastes better! The natural flavours and ingredients are a party in your mouth!

And the fats? Did I forget to mention Cocofrio use my favourite kind? Oh yes, indeed, good fats from coconut mean you're feeding your body with the best kind of fuel. It also makes the ice-cream vegan. Can they tick any more boxes? Probably! I've never seen some of the flavours on any other shelf! Black Sesame and Choc Raspberry Ripple are so unique.

Maybe you should try a new flavour every week and see which one is your favourite? Let's shake on it. I promise it will be your best investment when it comes to healthy sweet treats!


TV Presenter, Andi Lew is a certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and author of 5 health titles including 2 best sellers, Eat Fat, Be Thin and Eat Fat, Be Lean. She appears on the cover of her most recent book, Real Fit Food with Cocofrio. A mother of 5 year old boy, Beaudy, she's woman on a wellness crusade and runs a cooking school in St Kilda, Melbourne where she educates about food alternatives for people with intolerances. She's also the Food & Fitness coach for Miss Universe Australia contestants.

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